World Premiere!
Director Doug Morrione and Cowboy Storyteller/Yodeler/Singer Gary McMahan Introduce:
The fact that director Doug Morrione was raised in Winslow, Maine only makes his remarkable achievement in making perhaps the definitive “Cowboy as Artist” documentary even more impressive! Everything in the Song is True is his feature length documentary film about four iconic characters who define the American West. Gary McMahan is a renowned cowboy singer and poet and champion yodeler. Brice Chapman is one of the world’s most talented trick ropers and horse trainers. Yvonne Hollenbeck is a fourth generation rancher and award-winning poet and quilter. Jeff Nourse is a rancher, singer-songwriter and iron sculptor. Spanning the wide-open spaces from Colorado to New Mexico to Texas and the Dakotas, Morrione traveled alongside these characters for nearly two years to capture the sights and songs that are unique to the American experience.