World Premiere

Raymond Luc Levasseur and Pierre Marier Introduce

Maine native Raymond Luc Levasseur was posted on the FBI Ten Most Wanted List in 1977 for his involvement in bombings perpetrated by the United Freedom Front, before finally being arrested in 1984. From his prison cell in 1992, Levasseur, who, along with many others, saw himself as a political prisoner, wrote “My Blood is Quebecois,” in which he explains his rebellion and his radicalization by his status as a “frog” and the racism he witnessed in a small mill town in Maine where his ancestors came to work in the factories. Released from prison in 2004, he returned here, and now, in Pierre Marier’s insightful and compelling film, he tells us about his career, from his childhood in a French Canadian family, through his radical years and prison, until the present.